Thursday, June 30, 2011

For Sinndra - Preview

Preview sketch for a friend from the guild.


Sketch for a guildie :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is older, but meh.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I yet live!

Sorry for the lack of updatingness. I've been real busy looking for work, trying to get my apartment cleaned up, and stressing out about what I'm going to do this fall. I also have a show scheduled for November, so I've been trying to truck away and get some paintings done. I say show, but really it's just putting work up at Soulfood again. This time, though, it's just me, and I feel like I need to create enough work to fill two walls @_@.

A lot has happened the past couple months. Some good, but much bad. The book I did illustrations for came out, and seems to be doing well, my wife's grandmother died, one of my cousins committed suicide, and I fell headlong into one of the worst episodes of depression I have ever experienced. Oh, and I quit Digipen.

Initially I didn't think of it as quitting, that I was going to go back when I was better. I'm not going back. I love the majority of the faculty, I've learned and improved so much, but I've come to realize I hate the school. I'm not going to badmouth it or give specifics, but for me, personally, there wasn't a day in the past two semesters where I was happy to be there. Even if my goals remain the same, I just need to be somewhere else.

All that depressing stuff aside, picture!